meaning "war, battle, match"
onyomi セン
kunyomi いくさ, たたか.う, おのの.く, そよぐ, わなな.く
せんそうwar (n,vs)
たいせんgreat war, great battle (n)
戦いたたかいbattle, fight, struggle, conflict (n)
戦うたたかうto fight, to battle, to combat (v5u)
ちゅうきょりかくせんりょくintermediate-range nuclear forces
そうはせんstruggle for supremacy, championship game
さくせんtactics, strategy; military or naval operations
ていせんarmistice, ceasefire
れいせんcold war
しょせんfirst match (in a series)
そくせんりょくready fire power
ぜんせんfight a good fight
かいせんmatch, game
たいへいようせんそうthe Pacific War
ふんせんhard fighting
せんせんdeclaration of war
ともえせんdogfight; sumo play-off with 3 wrestlers participating
とむらいがっせんbattle of revenge
戦いをたたかいをいどむto challenge (a person) to a fight
戦えばたたかえばすなわちかつto win every battle (that is fought)
せんそうぎせいしゃwar victim
せんそうばいしょうきんwar reparation
せんれつline of battle
せんしmilitary history or annals
せんじょうこうくうそしbattlefield air interdiction
せんごpostwar period, period after Second World War
せんぼつdeath in battle, killed in action
せんぼつしゃついとうしきmemorial service for the war dead
せんぼつしゃついとうきねんびMemorial Day (US)
せんきょうwar situation, progress of a battle
せんさいwar damage
せんぱんwar criminal
せんりゃくstrategy, tactics
せんかwar damages, ravages of war
せんせん(war) front
せんせきwar or military record, score, military achievements, results
せんじゅつこうくうとうせいはんtactical air control party
せんしゃtank (military vehicle)
せんとうbattle, fight, combat
ちょうせんchallenge, defiance
戦いかにちょうせんいかにHow dare you!
ちょうせんじょうwritten challenge
せっせんclose combat, close contest
はいせんdefeat, losing a war
そうけいせんWaseda-Keio (baseball) game
こんせんfree-for-all fight
げきせんfierce (hard-fought) battle, hot contest
ねっせんfierce fighting, close contest
ひゃくせんれんまveteran, (someone) schooled by adversity in many battles, (someone) rich in life''s experience gained through much adversity
しゅうせんend of war, cessation of hostilities
しょせん, ちょせんbeginning of hostilities, beginning of competition
せいせんholy war, crusade
りんせんpreparing for action or battle
ぜっせんwar of words
くせんhard fight, close game
せんきょせんelection campaign
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