meaning'turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach'
 onyomiセイ, ジョウ
 kunyomiな.る, な.す, -な.す
さくせいframe, draw up, make, producing
せいこうsuccess, hit
せいぶんingredient, component, composition
こうせいorganization, composition
かせいがんigneous rock
成立せいりつcoming into existence, arrangements, establishment
せいせきresults, record
Uӣ[いapproval, agreement, support, favour
せいちょうgrowth, grow to adulthood
けいせいtrain line Tokyo - Narita
そくせいpromotion of growth
そくせいさいばいraising out-of-season crops with artificial heat
しんらいじょうせいtrust building, confidence building
じょせいassisting, assistance, fostering, aiding
ごうせいじゅしplastics, synthetic resins
ごうせいせんざいsynthetic detergent
ごうせいせんいsynthetic fibre, synthetic fiber
こうせいせきgood results
へいせいHeisei era (1989.1.8- )
けいせいformation, molding, taking form
成しげるなしとげるto accomplish, to finish, to fulfill
せいじんびょうadult diseases
せいひsuccess or failure, outcome, result
じょうじゅfulfillment, fulfilment, realization, realisation, completion
せいかresults, fruits
せいじゅくmaturity, ripeness
せいちゅうimago, adult (insect)
せいちょうをはばむto hinder (check) the growth of (plants)
せいちょうかぶgrowth stock, person with future promise
きせいestablished, completed, existing
きせいじじつestablished fact, fait accompli
きせいがいねんstereotype, preconceived idea, preconceived notion
きせいどうめいassociation formed to carry out an objective
こんせいmixed (e.g. team, chorus)
じゅくせいmature, ripen, cure, ferment
へんせいcomposition, formation, organization, organisation, compilation
いくせいrearing, training, nurture, cultivation, promotion
いくせいさいばいvegetable and fruit growing
ぞうせいcreation, clearing, reclamation
じょうせいbrew, foment, breed
れんせいtraining, drilling
ようせいtraining, development
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