meaning "rue, be sad, sigh, lament"
onyomi ガイ
慷慨ひふんこうがいindignant lamentation over the evils of the times
慷慨ひかこうがいindignant lamentation over the evils of the times
かんがいstrong feelings, deep emotion
かんがいむりょうdeep emotion, one''s mind is filled with thousand emotions
がいせいdeploring the course of public events
がいたんdeploring, lamentation, regret, complaint
慨歎がいたんdeploring, lamentation, regret, complaint
がいぜんindignant, sorrowful; steadfast, determined
慷慨こうがいrighteous indignation, patriotic lamentation, deploration
ふんがいindignation, resentment
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