meaning "humility, be careful, discrete, prudent"
onyomi シン
kunyomi つつし.む, つつし, つつし.み
しんちょうdiscretion, prudence (adj-na,n)
ふきんしんindiscretion, imprudence
慎ましいつつましいmodest, reserved, quiet, humble
慎ましやかつつましやかmodest, reserved
慎みつつしみmodesty, self-control, discretion
慎みつつしみぶかいdiscreet, modest, cautious
慎むつつしむto be careful, to be discreet; to do in moderation, to refrain oneself from overdoing; to be reverent; to be purified, to be chaste
かいしんcaution, discretion
きんしんpenitence, discipline, house arrest
じゅうきんしんclose confinement (in one''s barracks)
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