meaning "endure, bear, put up with, conceal, secrete, spy"
onyomi ニン
かんにんぶくろone''s store of patience
にんendurance, forbearance, patience, self-restraint
忍びしのびstealth; travelling incognito (traveling); ninjutsu; ninja; sneak theft, sneak thief; tolerance
忍びしのびよるto creep, to steal up, to draw near unnoticed
忍び込むしのびこむto creep in, to steal in
忍ぶしのぶto conceal oneself, to hide; to endure
にんじゃninja (persons in feudal Japan who used ninjutsu for the purposes of espionage, assassination, sabotage, etc.)
にんたいendurance, perseverance, patience
ざんにんcruelty, atrocity, brutality
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