meaning "heart, mind, spirit, heart radical (no. 61)"
onyomi シン
kunyomi こころ, -ごころ
心するあんしんするto be relieved
こころcore, heart (n)
たりこころあたりhaving some knowledge of, happening to know (n)
こころえるto be informed, to have thorough knowledge (v1)
けっしんdetermination, resolution (n,vs)
ねっしんzeal, enthusiasm (adj-na,n)
しんりmentality (n)
ようじんcare, precaution, guarding, caution (n,vs)
くしんpain, trouble (n,vs)
しんしんmind and body (n)
としんthe heart/center of Tokyo, the city center
しんぱい・するworry, concern (adj-na,n,vs)
おとめごころgirl''s feeling, maiden''s mind
いしんでんしんtelepathy, tacit understanding, communion of mind with mind, sympathy
み心すみごこちcomfort (in living place)
こっきしんspirit of self-denial
ゆいしんろんspiritualism, idealism, mentalism
こうきしんcuriosity, inquisitiveness
こうきしんおうせいbrimming with curiosity
しゃこうしんspeculative spirit
にしん, ふたごころduplicity, treachery, double-dealing
心からしんから, こころからfrom the bottom of one''s heart, heart and soul, by nature
心のこころのきんせんheartstrings, innermost soul
心のこころのかてfood for thought
しんふぜんheart failure
しんきょうmental state
こころにくいrefined, admirable, superb
しんぱくheart rate
しんぱくすうone''s heart rate, pulse rate
こころがまえpreparedness, readiness
しんしんそうしつof unsound mind
しんしんもうじゃく, しんしんこうじゃくmental retardation, unsound mind
しんしんもうじゃくしゃ, しんしんこうじゃくしゃmentally retarded person, feebleminded person
しんきんheart muscle, myocardium
しんぞうびょうheart trouble, heart disease
こころづかいsolicitude, anxiety, regard for
しんずいtrue meaning, mystery, essence, quintessence, soul, core, kernel, life blood
こいごころ, こいこころone''s love, awakening of love
こうしんsteadiness, constancy
いばしんえん(being unable to control) one''s worldly desires and passions
まんしんself-conceit, pride
かくしんkernel, core
きゅうしんりょくcentripetal force, cohesive power, unifying force
ろしんnuclear reactor core
きょうしんしょうheart attack, angina pectoris
ぎしんあんきSuspicion will raise bogies, Once you suspect something, everything else will look suspicious
どうしんchild''s mind, naivete
かんじんessential, fundamental, crucial, vital, main
ふしんtaking pains to, racking one''s brains, doing everything one can
ふくしんone''s confidant, trusted friend, trusted retainer
ちゅうしんinnermost feelings
せいしんせいいin all sincerity, with one''s whole heart, whole-hearted devotion
かんしんconcern, interest
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