meaning "shadow, silhouette, phantom"
onyomi エイ
kunyomi かげ
さつえいphotographing (n,vs)
ひとかげ, じんえいfigure(s) of a person (persons); shadow of a person
げんえいphantom, vision, illusion
かげshadow, silhouette; reflection, image; presence, sign; light (stars, moon)
影のかげのないかくshadow cabinet
かげえshadow picture
えいきょうinfluence, effect
とくしゅさつえいspecial effects, SFX
いえいportrait of deceased person
いんえいshadow, gloom; shading, hatch, hatching
せきえいa glimpse of an object''s outlines
おもかげface, looks, vestiges, trace
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