meaning "coloring, paint, makeup"
onyomi サイ
たさいvariegated, varicoloured, multi-colored, diverse
彩りいろどりcoloring, colouring, coloration, colouration, assortment, color scheme, colour scheme, makeup
彩るいろどるto colour, to color, to paint, to make up
さいしき, さいしょくcolouring, coloring, colouration, coloration, painting
すいさいがwatercolor painting, watercolour painting
ゆさいoil painting
いさいconspicuous colour, conspicuous color
せいさいbrilliance, vividness
しきさいcolour, color, hue, tints
こうさいiris (of the eye)
こうさいいしょくしょうheterochromia iridis, eyes differing in colour (color)
めいさいcamouflage, disguise
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