meaning "usual, ordinary, normal, regular"
onyomi ジョウ
kunyomi つね, とこ-
常につねにalways, constantly (adv)
にちじょうordinary, regular, everyday, usual
いじょうstrangeness, abnormality, disorder (adj-na,n)
じょうしきcommon sense (n)
常にひじょうにvery, extremely, exceedingly (adv)
ひじょうemergency, extraordinary, unusual (adj-na,n)
じんじょうcommon, usual
じんじょういちようordinary, common, mediocre
とこever, endless
じょうにんstanding, regular, permanent
じょうむmanaging director, executive director; routine business, regular business
じょうきんfull-time employment
じょうきproper course, beaten track
じょうちゅうstaying permanently, being stationed, resident
にちじょうさはんじeveryday occurrence
せいじょうnormalcy, normality, normal
むじょうじんそくthe (fast) pace at which life passes, the nearness of death
いじょうにんしんabnormal pregnancy
けいじょうりえきcurrent profits, ordinary profit, income before income taxes
つうじょうcommon, general, normal, usual
ひじょうきんpart-time work
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