meaning "homecoming, arrive at"
kunyomi かえ.る, かえ.す, おく.る, とつ.ぐ
するきたくするto go home
帰るかえるto go back, to come back
するきこくするto return to one''s country
帰すかえすto let someone go/come back
に帰るいえにかえるto go home
帰りかえりcoming home, the return
帰りすひがえりするto go and return in one day, to make a day-trip
帰りひがえりday trip (n)
で帰でんしゃでかえるto return (home) by train
かいきreturn (to), revolution, recurrence, recursion, comeback, revival
きこくreturn to one''s country
きこくしじょわくspecial consideration for students who have lived abroad
きたくreturning home
きぞくbelonging to
きせいhomecoming, returning home
きとon the way back, returning
きかんrepatriation, return; (electrical) feedback
ききょうhomecoming, return to one''s home
ふっきreturn, comeback, reinstatement; carriage return, CR
に帰らずふくすいぼんにかえらずwhat''s done is done (lit: spilt water won''t go back into its tray), that''s water under the bridge, it is no use crying over spilt milk
帰りさとがえりreturning home, visiting one''s parents, new bride''s first visit to parents
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