meaning'market, city, town'
いちば/しじょうa market, a marketplace
あさいちa morning market
しみんa citizen, the citizens, the citizenry
すいたしSuita City
こうべしKobe city (of Hyogo prefecture)
しまいとしsister cities
しちょうa mayor
うおいちばfish market
おろしうりしじょうwholesale market
どうしsame city
しちゅうin the city
しせいthe street, the town
しない(within a) city, local
しりいんemployee, city official
しえいmunicipal management
しじょうぶんせきmarket analysis
退しじょうてったいpulling out of a market, withdrawing from a market
しきょうmarket conditions
しちょうそんcities, towns and villages, municipalities
市立しりつ, いちりつmunicipal, city
しがいurban areas, the streets, town, city
しがいちtown areas
しぎcity councillor, city councilor, city assemblyman
の市とりのいちBird Day
きんゆうしじょうmoney market, financial market
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