meaning "concerning, settle, take position, depart, study, per"
onyomi シュウ, ジュ
kunyomi つ.く, つ.ける
就くつくto settle in (place), to take (seat, position)
きょしゅうcommitting one''s self
就いてついてabout, concerning, as to, regarding
しゅうにんinauguration, assumption of office
しゅうろうactual work
しゅうがくentering school, school attendance
しゅうしんgoing to bed, retiring
しゅうぎょうemployment, starting work
しゅうしょくfinding employment, inauguration
しゅうこうgoing into commission (e.g. ships)
じょうじゅfulfillment, fulfilment, realization, realisation, completion
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