meaning "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted"
onyomi ソン
kunyomi たっと.い, とうと.い, たっと.ぶ, とうと.ぶ
そんけいrespect, esteem, reverence, honour (n,vs)
そんちょうrespect, esteem, regard (n)
ゆいがどくそんself-conceit, self-centeredness, vainglory
そんzun (ancient Chinese wine vessel, usu. made of bronze); honorific prefix referring to the listener; counter for buddhas
そんげんdignity, majesty, sanctity
そんぞくdirect ancestors, noble ancestors
そんすうreverence, veneration
ほんぞんprincipal object of worship at a temple (usu. a buddha or bodhisattva), principal image, idol; the man himself, the person at the heart of the matter
だんそんじょひmale domination of women, male chauvinism, subjection of women
じそんself-respect, esteem
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