meaning "reality, truth"
onyomi ジツ, シツ
kunyomi み, みの.る, まこと, まことに, みの, みち.る
じつりょくreal ability, capabiliy, action, force
実にじつにindeed, truly, surely (adv)
実はじつはas a matter of fact, by the way (adv,exp)
じじつfact, truth, reality (n-adv,n)
fruit, nut, seed, content, good result (n)
実るみのるto bear fruit, to ripen (v5r)
じっかんfeelings (actual, true) (n)
じっしenforcement, enact, put into practice, carry out
じつぶつreal thing, original (n)
げんじつreality (n)
じつげんimplementation, materialization, realization (n)
じつようpractical use, utility (n)
じっせきachievements, actual results (n)
じっしゅうpractice, training (n,vs)
じっこうpractice, performance, execution (e.g. program)
じっさいpractical, actual condition, status quo (adj-no)
じっけんan experiment, a test
実はよりじじつはしょうせつよりきなりTruth is stranger than fiction
じじつじょう(as a) matter of fact, actually, in reality
じゅうじつfullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment; replenishment, repletion
きんむじっせきservice record
くちまめtalkative, voluble
しじつhistorical fact
けんじつsteady, sound, reliable, solid
実らなかったみのらなかったどりょくfruitless (resultless) efforts
じつぞうreal image, one''s real life
じっけいone''s own elder brother
じっけいjail sentence, gaol sentence; imprisonment without a stay of execution
じっこうpractical effect, efficacy, efficiency
じつまいone''s younger sister
じっていone''s (biological) younger brother
じつじょうreal condition, actual circumstances, actual state of affairs
じったいtrue state, actual condition, reality
調じったいちょうさfactual investigation
じっきょうreal condition
じっしつsubstance, essence
じっしつちんぎんreal wages
じっせんpractice, practise, put into practice, put into practise
じっせんりせいpractical reason or ethics
じっせんりせいひはんCritique of Practical Reason (Kant)
じっせんきゅうこうacting up to one''s principles
じっせんどうとくpractical ethics (morality)
じつじゅactual demand, user demand
ちゅうじつ, まめfaithful, loyal, devoted; hardworking, painstaking, diligent; healthy, fit
きせいじじつestablished fact, fait accompli
かじつfruit, nut, berry
かくじっけんnuclear (bomb) test
くまのみ, クマノミclownfish (Amphiprioninae), anemone-fish
ちゃくじつsteady, sound, trustworthy, solid
かくじつcertainty, reliability, soundness
ねんじつふりょうpoor crop (of rice)
々実々きょきょじつじつfull of wiles and tricks, match between persons equal in shrewdness mobilizing all the tricks each can muster, shrewdly avoiding the opponent''s strong points and attacking its weaknesses
せいじつsincere, honest, faithful
かくれくまのみOcellaris clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
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