meaning "commence, begin"
kunyomi はじ.める, -はじ.める, はじ.まる
始めるはじめるto begin (a thing, to do, doing)
始まるはじまるto begin, to start, to open, to break out
始まりはじまりthe beginning, the start, the opening
始めにはじめにfirst of all, in the beginning
~始める~はじめるto start doing ~, the beginning of ~
げんしorigin, primeval (n)
しじゅうcontinuously, from beginning to end (adv,n)
かいしa start, a beginning, the onset
しはつえきthe starting (train) station
そうしcreation, founding, initiating
始めはじめbeginning, start, origin
しまつmanagement, dealing, settlement; cleaning up, getting rid of; end result (usu. bad)
しはつfirst train
ねんしNew Year''s call, beginning of the year, New Year''s greetings
しゅうしbeginning and end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end; consistently, the whole time
しゅうしいっかんconsistency, unchanging from beginning to end
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