meaning'likeness, like, such as, as if, better, best, eq'
にょtathata (the ultimate nature of all things)
如くごとくlike, as if, the same as
如しごとしlike, as if, the same as
きさらぎ, じょげつ, きぬさらぎsecond month of the lunar calendar
にょらいTathagata, perfected one (suffix of high-ranking Buddhist deities)
にょろやくにょでんlike dew or lightning, gone in a flash
あんじょcalm, tranquil
けつじょlack, privation, deficiency
とつじょsuddenly, all of a sudden
やくしにょらいBhaisajyaguru (buddha able to cure all ills)
やくじょvivid, lifelike, graphic
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