meaning "lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss"
onyomi シツ
kunyomi うしな.う, う.せる
しっぱいfailure, mistake, blunder (adj-no,n,vs)
しつぼうdisappointment, despair (n,vs)
しつぎょうunemployment (n,vs)
しつれい(1) discourtesy, impoliteness, (2) Excuse me
いしつひんlost article
にんきしっついdecline in public favor, fall in popularity
そうしつloss, forfeit
失ううしなうto lose, to part with
しっついabasement, fall, forfeit, sink (in men''s estimation)
しつれんdisappointed love, broken heart, unrequited love, being lovelorn
しっぱいのおそれrisk of failure
しってんrun charged to the pitcher
しっさくblunder, slip, error
しっきゃくlosing one''s standing, being overthrown, falling
しっせきabsconding, disappearance
しっかんsurrender, fall
しんしんそうしつof unsound mind
そんしつloss (e.g. assets or profits)
てきしつerror made by the enemy or opposing team
ふんしつlosing something
かしつerror, blunder, accident; fault, defect
かしつちしinvoluntary manslaughter, accidental homicide, negligent homicide
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