meaning "voice"
onyomi セイ, ショウ
kunyomi こえ, こわ-
こえa voice, a tone (of voice), a cry, a call, a sound
めいせいfame, (a) reputation
声をかけこえをかけるto call out (to), to hail, to say something
おおごえloud voice
声をおおこえをだすto raise one''s voice, to shout
こごえa low voice, a whisper
い声わらいごえlaughter, a laughing voice
び声さけびごえshout, yell, scream
せいえんencouragement, cheering, support
せいめいdeclaration, statement, proclamation
せいがくvocal music
せいもんvoice print
こわだかwith a loud voice
どせいangry voice, harsh words
かくせいきmegaphone, bullhorn, loudhailer
け声かけごえyell used to time or encourage activity (e.g. "Heave ho!", "On three ... One, two, three!" in English), enthusiastic shout from the audience (e.g. in kabuki), shouting (in concerts)
うたごえsinging voice
かんせいcheer, shout of joy
き声なきごえcry, crying voice
なみだごえtearful voice
けいせいsound of a valley stream
だいいっせいfirst tone, first speech
げんせいsound of the strings
の囁くな声かのささやくなこえfaint voice
じゅうせいgunshot, (gun) report
おんせい, おんじょうvoice, (the concept of) sound
ほうせいverbal message
き声なきごえcry (esp. animal), roar
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