meaning "increase, add, augment, gain, promote"
onyomi ゾウ
kunyomi ま.す, ま.し, ふ.える, ふ.やす
増えるふえるto increase, to multiply (ru-v,vi)
ぞうかincrease, addition (n,vs)
増やすふやすto increase, to add to, to augment (v5s,vt)
増すますto increase, to grow (v5s,vi)
ぞうだいenlargement (n,vs)
ぞうげんincrease and decrease, fluctuation (n,vs)
げきぞうsudden increase (n,vs)
増しまし, マシbetter, less objectionable, preferable; more, increase, extra; increase, growth
ぞうさつadditional printing
ぞうしゅうincrease in yield
ぞうきょうaugment, reinforce, increase
ぞうしょくincrease, multiplication, propagation
ぞうえきincreased (profit)
ぞうぜいtax increase
ぞうちくaddition to a building
ぞうていnew and revised (edition)
ぞうていばんenlarged and revised edition
ぞうがくincreased amount
きゅうぞうexplosion, proliferation, surge
ぜんぞうgradual increase
じゅんぞうnet increase
るいぞうsuccessive or progressive increases, cumulative increase
ていぞうgradual increase
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