meaning "location, place"
onyomi ジョウ, チョウ
ゴルフ場ゴルフじょうa golf course, golf links
ばあいa case, an occasion, circumstances
かいじょうa meeting place, an assembly hall
げきじょうtheatre, playhouse (n)
にゅうじょうentrance, admission, entering (n)
place, field (physics) (n)
り場うりばa sales counter
いちば/しじょうa market, a marketplace
ひろばan open space, a square, a plaza
ばしょplace; location; spot; position;
ぼくじょう(1) farm (livestock), (2) pasture land, meadow
げんばactual spot, scene, scene of the crime (n)
とうじょうentry (on stage) (n,vs)
き場おきばplace where something is put
はなばflower bouquet
さかばbar, bar-room (n)
ばめんscene, setting (e.g. of novel) (n)
ひこうじょうan airfield, an airport, a flying field
ちゅうしゃじょうparking lot
うおいちばfish market
しゅうぜんこうじょうrepair shop
しゅらば, しゅらじょうfighting scene, scene of carnage (bloodshed); location of the fight between Asura and Sakra devanam Indra
にゅうじょうけんticket of admission, platform ticket
えんそうばyen exchange rate
ふゆばthe winter season
しゅつじょう(stage) appearance, participation, performance
はつばしょNew Year''s (January) sumo tournament, held in Tokyo
おろしうりしじょうwholesale market
どたんばlast moment, eleventh hour; platform made of dirt used to perform executions (decapitations) in the Edo period
はかばgraveyard, cemetery
なつばしょsummer (May) sumo tournament, held in Tokyo
ごらくじょうamusement spot
いわばrocky area, rockface, rock wall
しじょうぶんせきmarket analysis
退しじょうてったいpulling out of a market, withdrawing from a market
せんじょうこうくうそしbattlefield air interdiction
さいじょうfuneral hall
はるばしょspring (March) sumo tournament, held in Osaka
けつじょうabsence, not taking part
よくじょうbath (tub, bath-house)
かいすいよくじょうswimming area (in the ocean), swimming beach, seawater baths
ぎょじょう, ぎょば, りょうばfishing grounds, permitted fishing zone
かわせそうばexchange rates
げんばかんとくfield overseer, site foreman
きゅうじょうbaseball stadium
そうばmarket price, speculation, estimation
じじょう, じばmagnetic field
けいばじょうracecourse, race track
ぼうせきこうじょうspinning mill, cotton mill
しょくばone''s post, place of work, workplace
かやばhayfield, field of miscanthus
しけんじょうexamination hall (room), laboratory
あしばscaffold, footing, foothold
り場おどりばdance hall, dance floor; landing (stairs); leveling off (e.g. in the economy), period of stagnation, cooling-off period, lull
らくのうじょうdairy farm
きんゆうしじょうmoney market, financial market
り場つりばfishing place
ながちょうばlong (stretch of) distance
ばばhorse-riding ground
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