meaning "droop, suspend, hang, slouch"
onyomi スイ
kunyomi た.れる, た.らす, た.れ, -た.れ, なんなんと.す
すいちょくvertical, perpendicular (adj-na,n)
そっせんすいはんset an example worth following
しでzigzag-shaped paper streamer often used to adorn Shinto-related objects; hornbeam (deciduous tree in the birch family)
垂らし込むたらしこむto drop into, drop-by-drop
垂らすたらすto dribble, to spill; to suspend, to hang down, to slouch, to dangle
垂りたりほdrooping ears (of grain)
垂れるたれるto hang, to droop, to dangle, to sag, to lower, to pull down; to leave behind (at death), to give, to confer; to drip, to ooze, to trickle, to drop
垂れたれまくhanging screen, curtain
垂れたれながしincontinence, soiling one''s pants
すいようweeping willow
けんすいpull-up, chin up, chinning
垂れしだれやなぎweeping willow
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