meaning "exist, outskirts, suburbs, located in"
onyomi ザイ
kunyomi あ.る
そんざいexistence, being (n,vs)
ざいがく(enrolled) in school (n)
たいざいstay, sojourn (n,vs)
げんざいpresent, up to now, nowadays, modern times, current
かいざいmediation, interposition, intervention
けんざいin good health, well, going strong
在りしありしひdays of yore, the olden days; during one''s lifetime
在るあるto be (usu. of inanimate objects), to exist, to live; to have; to be located; to be equipped with; to happen, to come about
ざいきょうbeing in Tokyo
ざいたくbeing in, being at home
ざいこinventory, stockpile, stock
ざいにちin Japan; people in Japan (esp. Koreans living in Japan, often used as a slur)
ざいりゅうstay, remain, reside
ざいせきenrollment, enrolment
せんざいpotentiality, dormancy, latency
けんざいactual (as opposed to hidden or obscured), actualized, actualised
ちゅうざいresidence, stay
ちゅうざいしょpolice substation, residential police box
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