meaning "earth"
onyomi ド, ト
kunyomi つち
つちearth, soil, ground
どだいthe foundation(s), the base
どぼくcivil engineering
そっとface of the earth
お土おみやげsouvenir (n)
みやげpresent, souvenir (n)
ぜんどthe whole nation (land, country)
とうどfrozen soil
こくどcountry, territory, domain, realm
どぞくlocal customs
どひょうarena, esp. in sumo; forum (e.g. for discussion); sandbag, gabion
どひょういりentrance procession of sumo wrestlers into the ring
どひょうぎわthe edge of a sumo ring, the edge or verge
どぐうearthen (clay) figure
とけい, ときはかりwatch, clock, timepiece
とちplot of land, lot, soil
とちがらlocal colour, local color
どべいmud wall, earthen wall, plaster wall
どたんばlast moment, eleventh hour; platform made of dirt used to perform executions (decapitations) in the Edo period
どじょうおせんsoil pollution
どばしan earthen bridge
どようのうしのひday of the ox in midsummer (during the hottest season), dog days of summer
どせきearth and stones
どしゃearth and sand
どしゃぶりdownpour, pouring rain, cloudburst, pelting rain, heavy rain
どがまearthen kiln
あづちももやまじだいAzuchi-Momoyama period (approx. 1558-1600 CE)
ごんぐじょうどseeking rebirth in the Pure Land
ちゅうせきどalluvial soil
じょうどPure Land (esp. the Western Pure Land paradise of Amitabha); Pure Land Buddhism
じょうどしゅうPure Land sect (of Buddhism), Jodo (sect)
じょうどしんしゅうJodo Shinshu (offshoot of the Jodo sect)
かざんばいどじょうvolcanic ash soil
しょうどscorched earth
けいそうどdiatomaceous soil
ねんど, ねばつちclay
ふようどhumus, leaf mold, leaf mould
しゃこうきどぐう"spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD
きょうどnative place, birth-place, one''s old home
さんせいどじょうacid soil
りょうどdominion, territory, possession
ふうどnatural features, topography, climate, spiritual features
おうど, こうどearth, yellow soil, yellow ochre, loess, hades
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