meaning "country"
onyomi コク
kunyomi くに
ばんこくall the countries (in the world)
ぜんこくcountry-wide, nation-wide, whole country
こっかいNational Diet, parliament, congress (n)
こっきょうnational or state border (n)
そとこくa foreign country
がいこくじんforeigner (n)
こっかstate, country, nation (n)
国するきこくするto return to one''s country
けんこくnational founding day
こっかnational anthem
ぼこくone''s motherland
こくみんnational, people, citizen (n)
こくおうking (n)
国立こくりつnational (n)
こくせきnationality (n)
ちゅうごくごChinese language
こくごnational language (n)
こっかいぎいんa member of the Diet
こっかいぎじどうthe (Japanese) National Diet
こくさいそうきんinternational wire transfer, int''l money order
こくさいinternational (n)
ゆきぐにsnowy country
グアテマラグアテマラきょうわこくRepublic of Guatemala
りょうこく, りょうごくboth countries
ちゅうかじんみんきょうわこくPeople''s Republic of China, Communist China
ちゅうかみんこくRepublic of China (Taiwan)
にんげんこくほうliving national treasure
たこくforeign country, another province
せんしんこくadvanced (developed) country, advanced nations
ぜんこくつつうらうらall over the country
ぜんこくつつうらうらall over the country
きょうさんこっかぐんCommunist bloc
かめいこくmember-nation, signatory
ゆうぎこっかfriendly nation
どうこくthe same country, the same province, the said country
こっこうdiplomatic relations
こくさいnational debt, national securities, government bonds, government securities
こくないinternal, domestic
こくぶんじ(Nara Era) state-supported provincial temples
こくむだいじんMinister of State
こくむちょうかんSecretary of State
こくえいstate management
こくどcountry, territory, domain, realm
こくほうnational treasure
こっかしけんstate examination
こっかばいしょうstate reparations
こくたいCommittee of the National Diet
こっこnational treasury
こっけいせつanniversary of founding (of PRC), national celebration time
こっきnational flag
げるこっきをかかげるto hoist the national flag
こくぜnational policy
こくみんけんこうほけんnational health insurance
こくみんとうひょうnational referendum
こくおうへいかHis Majesty the King
こくじthe seal of state
こくじしょ(Britain''s) Lord Privy Seal
こくさんdomestic products
こくえきnational interest
国立こくりつよぼうえいせいけんきゅうしょNational Institute of Health
国立こくりつはくぶつかんnational museum
こくさくnational policy
こくすいnational characteristics
こくすいしゅぎnationalism, extreme patriotism
こくぞくtraitor, rebel
こくひんstate guest
こくじょくnational disgrace
こくれんUN, United Nations
こくぐんりせいprovince-district-neighbourhood system (system of administrative divisions under the ritsuryo; 1 neighbourhood=~50 homes, 1 district=2-20 neighbourhoods)
こくてつnational railway
こくぼうnational defence, national defense
こくさいじんinternational celebrity, cosmopolitan, citizen of the world
こくさいかinternationalization, internationalisation, i18n (in IT)
こくさいきょうりょくじぎょうだんJapan International Cooperation Agency (1974), JICA
こくさいほうinternational laws
こくさいむせんつうしんしもんいいんかいComite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications, CCIR
貿こくさいてきぼうえきinternational trade
こくさいちつじょinternational order
こくさいたいほじょうinternational arrest warrant
こくさいでんしんでんわしもんいいんかいInternational Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee, CCITT
ばいこくどtraitor (to one''s country)
がいこくごforeign language
そうしゅこくsuzerain state, state that controls another in international affairs, but allows it domestic sovereignty
ふこくきょうへいwealth and military strength of a country
しまぐに, とうごくisland country (sometimes used as a metaphor for Japan)
ていこくempire, imperial
きこくreturn to one''s country
きこくしじょわくspecial consideration for students who have lived abroad
あいこくlove of (one''s) country, patriotism
が国わがくにour country, our land, one''s own country
ここくone''s native land
きゅうこくpatriot devoted to the salvation of his country
てきこく, てっこくenemy nation
さいけいこくmost favored nation, most favoured nation
ちょうせんみんしゅしゅぎじんみんきょうわこくDemocratic People''s Republic of Korea (North Korea), DPRK
ぼうこくcertain country
おうしゅうしょこくEuropean countries
おうべいしょこくthe various countries of Europe and America
じゅんこくdying for one''s country
立国どくりつこくindependent state or nation
の国みずほのくにJapan, the Land of Abundant Rice
さんゆこくoil-producing countries (nations)
そこくfatherland, native country
ふくしこっかwelfare state
やまたいこく, やばたいこくYamataikoku, (Japanese history) a country that existed within Japan. Ruled by Queen Himiko in the third century AD
ちょうこくfounding of a state
ここく(ancient) North China barbarian nations
きんりんしょこくneighboring countries, neighbouring countries, surrounding countries
とじょうこくdeveloping country
さこくnational isolation, exclusion of foreigners
りんごく, りんこくneighbouring country, neighboring country, neighbouring state, neighboring state
せいこくpacifying the nation
やすくにじんじゃYasukuni Shrine
韓国かんこく(South) Korea
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