meaning "make a deal, selling, dealing in, merchant"
onyomi ショウ
kunyomi あきな.う
しょうにんtrader, shopkeeper, merchant (n)
しょうひんcommodity, article of commerce, goods, stock
しょうばいtrade, business, commerce, transaction, occupation
しょうてんshop, business firm (n)
しょうぎょうcommerce, trade, business (n)
しょうしゃtrading company, firm (n)
し商おろししょうwholesaler, wholesale dealer
おろししょうwholesaler, wholesale dealer
しょうquotient; dealing, dealer, store; second degree (of the Japanese & Chinese pentatonic scale); Shang (dynasty of China)
しょうこうcommerce and industry
しょうこうかいぎしょChamber of Commerce and Industry
しょうほうtrade, business, commerce, commercial law
しょうほshop, store
しょうだんbusiness discussion, negotiation
しょうこんcommercial spirit
めだましょうひんbargain goods, eye-catching goods, featured product, loss leader
しんしょうa wealthy merchant
つうしょうcommerce, trade
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