meaning "circumference, circuit, lap"
onyomi シュウ
kunyomi まわ.り
周りまわりsurroundings, circulation (n,n-suf)
いっしゅう, ひとめぐりonce around, a revolution, a lap, a turn, a round, one full year
いっしゅうねんone full year
いっしゅうきfirst anniversary of death
しゅうとうscrupulous, meticulous, careful
しゅういsurroundings, environs; circumference
しゅうねんwhole year, anniversary
しゅうきcycle, period
しゅうはすうfrequency (of waves)
しゅうちcommon knowledge, (something) well-known
しゅうへんcircumference, outskirts, environs, around, in the area of, in the vicinity of; (computer) peripheral
よういしゅうとうvery careful, thoroughly prepared
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