meaning "blow, breathe, puff, emit, smoke"
onyomi スイ
kunyomi ふ.く
ふ・くto blow
吹くふく(1) to blow (wind, etc), (2) to emit, to spout
すいたしSuita City
ふぶきsnow storm (n)
吹かせるひとあわふかせるto give a surprise (or blow), to scare the hell out of
吹柏いぶきびゃくしん, イブキビャクシンChinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis)
吹かすふかすto smoke (a cigarette); to behave as ...; to accelerate, to rev up
吹きふきかえdubbing, stand-in, dummy
吹きれるふきあれるto blow violently, to sweep over, to devastate
吹きふきしきるto blow violently, to blow incessantly
吹きばすふきとばすto blow off, to brush away, to talk big
吹きふきとぶto be blown off, to blow off
吹っれるふっきれるto break through, to become unbound by, to ooze out
吹っふっとぶto blow off, to be blown off
すいそうがくwind (instrument) music
吹きふえふきflute player
吹くめぶくto bud
吹ききりふきspray, atomizer, atomiser
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