meaning "same, agree"
onyomi ドウ
kunyomi おな.じ
どういつのthe same (as), identical (with)
同じようおなじようにin the same way, likewise, similarly
ごうどう(a) combination, (a) union, merger
同じおなじond and the same, the same, identical, alike
同じおなじひとthe same person
きょうどうcooperation, association, collaboration, joint
どういつidentity, sameness, similarity (adj-na,adj-no,n)
どうじsame time
どうじにthe same time, simultaneously
どうかくthe same rank, equality, apposition (adj-na,n)
いっしどうじんloving every human being with impartiality, universal brotherhood, universal benevolence
きょうどうたいcooperative body, cooperative system, collective, community
きょうどうぼきんcommunity chest
きょうどうすいせんcommon faucet
どうはんcompany, accompany, going with
どうとうthe same political party
どうこくthe same country, the same province, the said country
どうしfellow, mutual, companion, comrade, bonding
どうやthe same night, that night
どうせいsame surname
どうふうenclosure (e.g. in a letter)
どうきょcoexistence, living together
どうしsame city
どうせきpresence, sitting with, being with
どうしsame mind, comrade, kindred soul
どうせいあいhomosexual love
どうじつthe same day
どうほう, どうぼうcompanions, fellows
どうこうsame school
どうしthe said person, he, she, same person
どうてんdeadlock, tie, draw
どうちょうthe same town, that town
どうめいalliance, union, league
どうめいじょうやくtreaty of alliance
どうしょうthe said ministry, the same ministry
どうけんthe same prefecture
どうしゃthe same firm
どうそうthe same school
どうそうかいgraduate''s association, alumni meeting, class reunion
どうとうequality, equal, same rights, same rank, equivalence
どうきゅうthe same grade, same class
どうざいsame offense, same offence
どうほう, どうぼう, はらからbrethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
どうはんthe same clan
どうきょうsame village, same town, same province
ごえつどうしゅうbitter enemies (placed by fate) in the same boat
わちゅうきょうどうharmonious cooperation, in close cooperation
きせいどうめいassociation formed to carry out an objective
こんどうconfusion, mixing, merger
そうどうめいひぎょうgeneral strike
さんどうapproval, endorsement
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