meaning "accept, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch, receive"
onyomi ジュ
kunyomi う.ける, -う.け, う.かる
うけつけreception desk
受るひきうけるto undertake, to take up, to take over (v1)
するじゅけんするto take an examination
を受しけんをうけるto take an exam
きょうじゅreception, acceptance, enjoyment, being given
たいがいじゅせいin vitro fertilization, in vitro fertilisation
ぼうじゅinterception, monitoring, tapping
受けうけpopularity, favour, favor, reception; defense, defence, reputation; agreement; submissive partner of a homosexual relationship
受けうけいれreceiving, acceptance
受けれるうけいれるto accept, to receive
受けめるうけとめるto catch, to stop the blow, to react to, to take
受けうけざらsaucer; receptacle for things, receiving something (e.g. funds)
じゅしんreception (e.g. radio), receipt
じゅぞう(television) reception
じゅしょくbeing entrusted with, being delegated with, RH
じゅちゅうaccepting orders
じゅしょうreception of a decoration or order
じゅせいらんfertilized eggs, fertilised eggs
じゅたいconception, fertilization, fertilisation
じゅたくbeing entrusted with, taking charge of
じゅたくしゅうわいざい(the crime of) bribery
じゅしんhaving a medical exam, seeing a doctor
じゅこうtaking (attending) lectures
じゅしょうwinning (a prize)
じゅりょうreceipt (of letter), acknowledgement, acceptance
じゅけんtaking an examination
じゅじゅgive and receive
かんじゅsubmission to, putting up with
り受けるゆずりうけるto inherit, to receive, to take over by transfer
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