meaning "take, fetch, take up"
onyomi シュ
kunyomi と.る, と.り, と.り-, とり, -ど.り
取るとるto take (u-v)
かきとりdictation (n)
取りえるとりかえるto exchange, to replace (ru-v)
とっとりけんTotorri prefecture
じむとりあつかいacting director
こうとりいFair Trade Commission
り取りかりとりharvesting, reaping
り取るかりとるto mow, to reap, to harvest
り取るけずりとるto shave off, to scrape off
取っとって, はしゅhandle, grip, knob
取りとりかこむto surround, to crowd around
取りとりこわしdemolition, pulling down, destruction, dismantling
取りとりこわすto demolish, to tear or pull down
取りとりくずすto demolish, to take away until nothing remains
取りとりもどすto take back, to regain
取りとりあつかいtreatment, service, handling, management
取りとりあつかうto treat, to handle, to deal in
取りとりのこすto leave behind
取りとりざたcurrent rumour, current rumor, gossip, (idle) talk
取りとりけしcancellation, cancel, CAN
取りとりくみbout (in sports, etc.), match; effort, initiative, dealing with, grappling with, wrestling with
取りまりとりしまりcontrol, management, supervision
取りとりつくろうto temporize, to temporise, to smooth over
取り込みとりこみさぎconfidence trick
とりひきtransactions, dealings, business
しゅざいcollecting data (e.g. for a newspaper article), covering an event
とりざたcurrent rumour, current rumor, gossip, (idle) talk
とりしまりやくcompany director, board member
とりしまりやくかいboard of directors; board of directors'' meeting
とりしまりほうcontrol law
とりつくろうto temporize, to temporise, to smooth over
取込みとりこみさぎconfidence trick
取込とりこみさぎconfidence trick
い取るうばいとるto plunder
だっしゅusurpation, taking back, dispossession
かいしゅabducting (legal term)
さいしゅpicking, collecting, harvesting
り取るしぼりとるto exploit
さくしゅexploitation, squeezing, sweating
せっしゅintake, absorption, adoption; assimilation
とうきょうしょうけんとりひきじょTokyo Stock Exchange, TSE
りゃくしゅゆうかいざいkidnapping, kidnaping
取りすもうとり, すまいとりsumo wrestler, rikishi
せっしゅtheft, stealing, larceny
あやとりcat''s cradle
取りあやとりcat''s cradle
き取りききとりlistening comprehension
ちょうしゅlistening, hearing, audition, radio reception
取りかとりせんこうmosquito coil, anti-mosquito incense
かとりせんこうmosquito coil, anti-mosquito incense
さしゅexploitation, fraud, swindle
い取りかいとりpurchase, sale (transaction)
とうどり(bank) president
まやくとりしまりはんa narc(otics) squad
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