meaning "income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store"
onyomi シュウ
kunyomi おさ.める, おさ.まる
収めるおさめるto obtain, to reap, to pay, to supply, to accept
ばいしゅうpurchase; bribe
りょうしゅうreceipt, voucher (n)
よそうしゅうかくだかcrop estimate
ふりょしゅうようじょconcentration camp
しゅうにゅうincome, receipts, revenue
しゅうようaccommodation, reception, housing; seating; custody; admission; entering (in a dictionary)
しゅうようじょhome, asylum, camp
しゅうしゅうcontrol, settling, coping
しゅうしincome and expenditure
しゅうそくconvergence, tie up
しゅうえきearnings, proceeds, returns
しゅうぜいりtax collector
しゅうかくharvest, crop, ingathering
しゅうかくよそうcrop estimate
しゅうかくかんしゃさいThanksgiving Day, harvest festival
しゅうかくじtime of harvest
しゅうかくきharvest time
しゅうかくぶつthe harvest, the yield
しゅうかくだかcrop, income
しゅうのうcrop, harvest, receipts, putting or stowing away
しゅうしゅくdeflation, contraction, shrinking, constriction
しゅうけんcocoon crop
しゅうわいaccepting bribes, corruption, graft
しゅうろくcompilation, editing; recording
しゅうしゅうgathering up, collection, accumulation
じゅたくしゅうわいざい(the crime of) bribery
きゅうしゅうabsorption, suction, attraction
かいしゅうcollection, recovery
ぞうしゅうincrease in yield
ねんしゅうannual income
ちょうしゅうcollection, levy
おうしゅうseizure, confiscation
ほりょしゅうようじょprison camp, concentration camp, prisoner of war camp, POW camp
ぼっしゅうforfeiture, seizure, confiscation, impounding
げんしゅうfall, decrease (in income)
ぜいしゅうtax yields, revenue
ぞうしゅうわいbribery, corruption
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