meaning "nonplussed, three, going, coming, visiting, visit, be defeated, die, be madly in love"
onyomi サン, シン
kunyomi まい.る, まい-, まじわる, みつ
参るまいる(1) (hum) to go, to come (u-v)
さんかparticipation (n,vs)
じさんbringing, taking, carrying (n,vs)
参りいせまいりIse pilgrimage
さんよparticipation, taking part; consultant, councillor, adviser
さんじかんcouncillor, councilor
さんにゅうcoming, visiting, going
さんれつattendance, participation, presence
さんかしゃparticipant, entrant
さんぱいvisit to a shrine or temple, paying homage at a shrine or temple
さんしょうreference, bibliographical reference, consultation, browsing (e.g. when selecting a file to upload on a computer), checking out
さんぜんZen meditation, meditative consultation with the head abbot
さんぼうstaff officer, participating in planning
さんぎいんHouse of Councillors
さんがcongratulatory palace visit
さんしゃくcomparison and choosing the good, consultation, referring to
さんいんHouse of Councillors
はかまいり, ぼさんvisit to a grave
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