meaning "rin, 1/10 sen, 1/10 bu"
onyomi リン
いちぶいちりん(not even) a bit of, (not even) a hint of, (not) an iota of
厘もわずいちぶいちりんもたがわずto be exactly alike
しちりんearthen charcoal brazier (for cooking)
くぶくりんten to one, nine cases out of ten
ぶんりん(not) in the least, (not) a bit
りんone-hundredth, 0.3 mm (one-hundredth of a sun), 0.1 percent (one-hundredth of a wari), 0.0375 grams (one-hundredth of a monme); old monetary unit (0.001 yen)
りんもうfarthing, trifle
りんもうのけいちょうなしequal in weight, equal in significance
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