meaning "south"
onyomi ナン, ナ
kunyomi みなみ
なんぼくsouth and north (n)
みなみぐちthe south gate
とうなんthe southeast
なんきょくSouth Pole
なんべいSouth America
なんべいじんSouth American (person)
ちゅうなんべいCentral and South America
南アフリカみなみアフリカSouth Africa
みなみがわ, なんそくsouth side
なんせいほくばつattacking in all directions
みなみしなかいSouth China Sea
なんとう, みなみひがしsoutheast
なんおうSouthern Europe
なんひょうよう, なんぴょうようAntarctic Ocean
なむみょうほうれんげきょうGlory to the Sutra, Hail Lotus Sutra
なむあみだぶつI sincerely believe in Amitabha, Lord have mercy on me
なんいsouthern latitude
なんばんじんsouthern barbarian (used to describe Western Europeans who visited Japan prior to the Edo period, esp. the Spanish and the Portuguese)
なんばんせんforeign ship (esp. of Spanish and Portuguese ships arriving from the south prior to the Edo period)
西なんせい, みなみにしsouthwest
なんこうsouthern suburbs
なんぶsouthern part
なんぐうsouthern corner
ひいらぎなんてんMahonia japonica, Japanese mahonia
ぎしんなんぼくちょうじだいWei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties period (220-589 CE)
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