meaning "graduate, soldier, private, die"
onyomi ソツ, シュツ
kunyomi そっ.する, お.える, お.わる, ついに, にわか
そつぎょうgraduation (n,vs)
そっちょくfrankness, candour, openheartedness (adj-na,n)
ちゅうそつjunior high school or middle school graduate
けいそつexcellent soldier
そつlow-ranking soldier; graduation; low-ranking samurai (1870-1872); death (of a noble, etc.)
卒がないそつがないcautious, careful, shrewd, without error, without slip
卒するそっするto die, to pass away
そつごrank and file, the ranks
そつじabrupt, sudden
だいそつuniversity graduate
がくそつcollege graduate
しんそつnew (recent) graduate
のうそっちゅうstroke, cerebral haemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage
こうそつhigh school graduate
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