meaning "in front, before"
onyomi ゼン
kunyomi まえ, -まえ
いぜんbefore; ago; (long) since; the past; former time
ごぜんmorning (before noon)
ぜんはんfirst half
ぜんやlast night
‾ねんまえ~years before
〜ねんまえ~years before
たてまえprinciple, theory
ぜんごaround, throughout, front and back
ちょくぜんjust before (n-adv,n-t)
ぜんしゃthe former (n)
ぜんだいみもんunheard-of; unprecedented
するぜんしんするto advance, to go aead, to march forward
ぜんしんadvance, drive, progress (n)
えきまえin front of a (train) station
じぜんprior, beforehand, in advance
ぜんせいきlast century, ancient times
ぜんじんみとうuntrodden (region, field of study, etc.), unprecedented (discovery, achievement, etc.)
ぜんれいにならうto follow (copy after) a precedent
まえだおしacceleration (of payment schedule)
ぜんけいforward inclination (tilt)
ぜんちょうomen, portent, sign, premonition, harbinger
まえやくthe year before a critical age
まえむきfacing forward, front-facing, positive
ぜんてつformer men of wisdom and virtue
ぜんかいlast time, last installment, last instalment, last session
ぜんやさいthe eve (of festival) (e.g. Christmas Eve)
ぜんそうきょくprelude, overture
ぜんねんthe preceding year, the previous year, last year
ぜんねんどpreceding fiscal year
ぜんごむじゅんself-contradiction, self-inconsistency
まえばらいpayment in advance, prepayment
ぜんていpreamble, premise, reason, prerequisite, condition, assumption, hypothesis
ぜんぽうこうえんふんkeyhole-shaped tumulus (form of ancient Imperial grave)
ぜんじつ, まえびprevious day, the day before
せんざいgarden, trees and flowers in a garden
せんざいものgreens, vegetables
前立腺ぜんりつせんひだいしょうenlargement of the prostate
まえあし, ぜんし, ぜんきゃくforefoot, forefeet, foreleg, forelimb
ぜんさいrelishes, hors d''oeuvres, smorgasbord
ぜんじゅつaforementioned, above-mentioned
ぜんとfuture prospects, outlook, the journey ahead
ぜんとりょうえんgoal, destination
ぜんこうpreceding paragraph
ぼぜんin front of a grave
すんぜんon the verge, just in front of
の前のけさあらしのまえのしずけさcalm before a storm
ひだりまえdownward course, being badly off, wearing a kimono with the right side tucked under the left
おまえ, おまい, おめえyou (masc) (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior); presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)
ひるまえforenoon, just before noon
ばいうぜんせんseasonal rain front
えどまえTokyo style
の前めのまえbefore one''s eyes, immediate, imminent
もくぜんbefore one''s very eyes, under one''s nose, imminence, close at hand
がんぜんbefore one''s eyes
きげんぜんpre-era, BC, BCE
うでまえability, skill, facility
もんぜんばらいturning another away at the gate or front door, refusing to receive a caller
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