meaning "plane, sharpen, whittle, pare"
onyomi サク
kunyomi けず.る, はつ.る, そ.ぐ
削るけずるto cut down little by little, to take a percentage
さくじょelimination, cancellation, deletion, erasure
さくplane, sharpen, whittle, pare, shave (leather), scrape off, crossout, reduce, curtail
削ぐそぐto chip, to slice off, to sharpen; to thin down, to reduce, to weaken
削りけずりとるto shave off, to scrape off
削りけずりぶしflaked bonito
さくげんcut, reduction, curtailment
くっさくdigging out, excavation
削りあらけずりstill in the process of being formed
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