meaning "system, law, rule"
onyomi セイ
せいさくwork (film, book) (n,vs)
たいせいorder, system, structure, set-up, organization
せんせいdespotism, autocracy (n)
せいどsystem, institution, organization (n)
せいげんrestriction, restraint, limitation (n,vs)
貿こうかんぼうえきせいbarter system
ないかくほうせいきょくCabinet Legislation Bureau
せいsystem, organization, organisation, imperial command, laws, regulation, control, government, suppression, restraint, holding back, establishment
せいていenactment, establishment, creation
せいぎょcontrol, governing, checking, suppression, repression, restraint, mastery, management
せいきゅう(pitcher''s) control (baseball)
せいやくlimitation, restriction, condition, constraints
せいやくでんぱんconstraint propagation
せいさいrestraint, sanctions, punishment
せいはconquest, domination, mastery
こくぐんりせいprovince-district-neighbourhood system (system of administrative divisions under the ritsuryo; 1 neighbourhood=~50 homes, 1 district=2-20 neighbourhoods)
てんのうせいthe Emperor System
きょうせいobligation, coercion, compulsion, enforcement
せんじゅつこうくうとうせいはんtactical air control party
よくせいcontrol, restraint, suppression, constraint, curtailment, inhibition, check, curb
きゅうせいold system, old order
ぜいせいtax system
かんせいとうcontrol tower
とうせいregulation, control
しょうえんせいmanorial system
しょうえんせいどmanorial system
きせいregulation, (traffic) policing, control, restriction
ぐんせいcounty system
ぐんけんせいどcounty and prefecture system
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