meaning'first time, beginning'
 kunyomiはじ.め, はじ.めて, はつ, はつ-, うい-, -そ.める, -ぞ.め
しょとうearly winter
初めてはじめてfor the first time
しょかearly summer
初め/始めはじめbeginning, start (expr)
しょじゅんfirst 10 days of the month
さいしょbeginning, first
はつfirst, new
しょだいfirst generation, founder
はつばしょNew Year's (January) sumo tournament, held in Tokyo
ういまご, はつまごfirst grandchild
はつみfirst Serpent day of the year
はつこいfirst love, puppy love
しょせんfirst match (in a series)
しょにちfirst or opening day
しょきearly (days), initial stage; initial
しょえんfirst performance
しょはんfirst edition
はつみみsomething heard for the first time (lit: first ear)
はつぶたいdebut, initial stage appearance
しょしんinitial medical examination
はつたんじょうfirst birthday
ういじんfirst campaign, one's first battle
とうしょat first
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