meaning "first time, beginning"
onyomi ショ
kunyomi はじ.め, はじ.めて, はつ, はつ-, うい-, -そ.める, -ぞ.め
しょとうearly winter
初めてはじめてfor the first time (adv,n)
しょかearly summer
初め/はじめbeginning, start (expr)
しょじゅんfirst 10 days of the month (n-adv,n)
さいしょbeginning, first (adj-no,n-adv,n-t)
はつfirst, new
しょだいfirst generation, founder
はつばしょNew Year''s (January) sumo tournament, held in Tokyo
ういまご, はつまごfirst grandchild
はつみfirst Serpent day of the year
はつこいfirst love, puppy love
しょせんfirst match (in a series)
しょにちfirst or opening day
しょきearly (days), initial stage; initial
しょえんfirst performance
しょはんfirst edition
はつみみsomething heard for the first time (lit: first ear)
はつぶたいdebut, initial stage appearance
しょしんinitial medical examination
はつたんじょうfirst birthday
ういじんfirst campaign, one''s first battle
とうしょat first
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