meaning "cut, cutoff, be sharp"
onyomi セツ, サイ
kunyomi き.る, -き.る, き.り, -き.り, -ぎ.り, き.れる, -き.れる, き.れ, -き.れ, -ぎ.れ
き・るto cut, to sever, to carve, to slice
切れきれcloth, piece, cut, chop (n)
切れるきれる(1) to cut well, to be sharp, (2) to break (off)
切るくぎるto punctuate, to cut off, to mark off, to stop
切りにせんぎりにするto cut into thin strips
り切れうりけれるto sell out, to be sold out, to be out of stock
たいせつimportant (adj-na,n)
り切るはりきるto be in high spirits, to be full of vigor (v5r)
きってa stamp
切るよこぎるto cross (e.g. arms), to traverse (v5r)
を切るかみをきるto cut (a piece of) paper
しんせつkindness, goodness, goodwill
切なしんせつなひとkind person
ふみきりrailway crossing, level crossing, starting line
てきせつpertinent, appropriate, adequate, relevance
を切でんわをきるto hang up the phone
いっさいall, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
切っきっかけchance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
切らすきらすto be out of, to run out of, to be short of, to be out of stock
切りきりlimits, end, bounds, period, place to leave off, closing sentence, all there is, only, since
切りきりくずすto level (earth), to cut through (a mountain); to split (the opposition), to break (strike)
切りきりぬきscraps, cuts
切りきりすて(historical) using people of low rank as sword fodder, omission, rounding down
切りてるきりすてるto cut down, to slay; to truncate, to round down, to round off; to omit, to discard, to cast away
切りきりかえ, せったいexchange, conversion, replacement, switching (to), switchover
切りきりふだtrump card
キリシタンearly Japanese Christianity (from the later Muromachi period), early Japanese Christian
キリシタンearly Japanese Christianity (from the later Muromachi period), early Japanese Christian
切磋せっさたくまcultivate one''s character by studying hard, diligent application
切磋せっさたくましあうto work hard together, to be in a state of friendly rivalry
まってせっぱつまってunder the pressure of necessity
まるせっぱつまるto be at one''s wit''s end, to be cornered
っ切れるふっきれるto break through, to become unbound by, to ooze out
あいせつpathetic, plaintive
り切るこまりきるto be greatly perplexed, to be greatly embarrassed
ていおうせっかいCaesarean section (Cesarean), C-section
い切っておもいきってresolutely, boldly, daringly
こんせつkindness, cordiality, exhaustiveness
切れはぎれthe feel when biting, manner of enunciation
み切ったすみきったperfectly clear
み切るすみきるto be serene
え切らないにえきらないhalf-cooked, vague, halfhearted, indecisive
切りかわきりbeginning, start
切りもんきりがたfixed formula, stereotyped phrase, hackneyed
め切りしめきりclosing, cut-off, end, deadline, Closed, No Entrance
め切るしめきるto close up, to shut up (e.g. behind doors), to cut off (e.g. because a deadline has expired)
切りけさぎりslashing a sword diagonally from the shoulder
切るうらぎるto betray, to turn traitor to, to double-cross
げ切るにげきるto get away, to manage to hold on
便ゆうびんきってpostage stamp
かまきり, とうろう, いもじり, いいぼむしり, カマキリpraying mantis (esp. the narrow-winged mantis, Tenodera angustipennis)
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