meaning "part, degree, minute (of time)"
onyomi ブン, フン, ブ
kunyomi わ.ける, わ.け, わ.かれる, わ.かる, わ.かつ
ふん、ぷ、わ・ける、わ・かるpart, minute, to divide, to understand
分のごぶんのいちone fifth
分のニにぶんのにtwo fifths
いくぶんsomewhat (adv,n)
よぶんextra, excess, surplus (adj-na,n)
分るわかるto be understood (v5r)
分かれるわかれるto branch off, to diverge from, to fork, to split
分けるわけるto divide, to separate (v1)
くぶん(a) division, (a) classification, sorting, grouping
じゅうぶんenough , sufficient
分のよんぶんのいちone quarter
だいぶconsiderably, greatly, a lot (adv)
ぶんぷdistribution (n)
分けひきわけa draw (in competition), tie game (n)
せいぶんingredient, component, composition (n)
ぶんすうfraction (in math) (n)
ぶんせきanalysis (n,vs)
分がいきぶんがいいto feel well
分がきぶんがわるいto feel ill
きぶんfeeling, mood (n)
すいぶんmoisture (n)
しゅうぶんautumn equinox
とうぶんdivision into equal parts (n,vs)
分でじぶんでby oneself
ぶんかいanalysis, disassembly (n)
みぶんsocial position, social status (n)
だいぶぶんmost part, greater part, majority (n-t)
ぶぶんportion, section, part (n)
ぶんやa field, an area, a sphere
ぶんりょうamount, quantity (n)
ずいぶんextremely (adj-na,n-adv)
ぶんるいclassification (n,vs)
ようぶんnourishment, nutrient (n)
システム分システムぶんせきsystems analysis
いちぶいちりん(not even) a bit of, (not even) a hint of, (not) an iota of
わずいちぶいちりんもたがわずto be exactly alike
ふかぶんatomic, indivisibility
ふおんぶんしdisturbing elements
くぶくりんten to one, nine cases out of ten
ごぶhalf, 50%, tie, evenness; 5 parts, 5%
かりしょぶんtemporary measures
はちぶおんぷ8th note
ろくじゅうしぶおんぷ64th note
ないぶんぴ, ないぶんぴつendocrine; incretion, internal secretion
ないぶんぴせん, ないぶんぴつせんendocrine gland
しょぶんdisposal, dealing, punishment
分けわけsharing, division; draw, tie
ぶんさつseparate volume, fascicle, fascicule
ぶんかつpartition, division, separation, segmenting, splitting
ぶんりん(not) in the least, (not) a bit
ぶんきdivergence (e.g. in a road); forking, jump, multi-drop
ぶんきてんjunction, crossroads, division point, parting of ways
ぶんたんapportionment, allotment, share
ぶんさんdispersion, decentralization, decentralisation, variance (statistics), distribution, dissemination, allocation
ぶんすいれいwatershed, divide
ぶんぴつ, ぶんぴsecretion
ぶんぴぶつ, ぶんぴつぶつsecretion
ぶんかかいsubcommittee meeting, subworking group
ぶんれつsplit, division, break up
ぶんじょうselling (real-estate) lots
ぶんかつseparate jurisdiction
ぶんりseparation, partition, detachment, segregation, isolation, decollation
しぶんごれつ, しぶごれつtorn asunder, disrupted and disorganized
いんしぶんせきfactor analysis
こくぶんじ(Nara Era) state-supported provincial temples
えんぶんsalt, salt content
ぞんぶんto one''s heart''s content, as much as one wants
きょくしょぶんきlocal jump
かわさきしちぶtype of baggy tobi trousers with the baggy part taking up seven-tenths of the full length of the trouser leg
しじょうぶんせきmarket analysis
かくぶんれつnuclear fission; karyokinesis (division of a cell nucleus during mitosis or meiosis)
った分のこったぶんamount left over
まいふんevery minute, per minute
ねんえきぶんぴつせん, ねんえきぶんぴせんmucus gland
とうぶんamount of sugar, sugar content
さいぼうぶんれつcell division
じぶんmyself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself; I, me
分けくさわけpioneer, pathfinder, originator, founder, trailblazer
ぎょうせいしょぶんadministrative measures (disposition)
はいぶんdistribution, allotment
ひきょくしょぶんきnon-local jump
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