meaning "exit, leave"
onyomi シュツ, スイ
kunyomi で.る, -で, だ.す, -だ.す, い.でる, い.だす
だす、で・るto leave, to get out
出かけるでかけるto depart, to go out (ru-v)
出るでるto appear, to leave (ru-v)
出すだすto put out, to send (v5s)
であいmeeting, rendezvous, encounter (n)
であうto meet by chance, to come across
でいりin and out, coming and going, free association
けるでかけるto depart, to set out, to start, to be going out
しゅっきんgoing to work, at work (n,vs)
でぐちexit (n)
でいりぐちexit and entrance (n)
であいan encounter (n)
び出すよびだすto summon, to call (e.g. phone) (v5s)
がいしゅつouting, going out (n,vs)
を出おおこえをだすto raise one''s voice, to shout
しゅっせきattendance; presence
出すひきだすto pull out, to take out, to draw out, to withdraw
しゅっちょうbusiness trip
い出すおもいだすto recollect, remember
ていしゅつpresentation, submission, filing (n,vs)
ししゅつexpenditure, expenses (n)
の出ひのでsunrise (n)
できごとan event, an incident
がりできあがりbe finished, ready, made for, cut out (n)
がるできあがる(1) to be finished, to be ready, by definition
るだけできるだけif at all possible
しゅっぱつ・するdeparture (n,vs)
するしゅっかするto ship goods
出しみだしheading, caption, subtitle, index (n)
い出すいいだすto start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose
ゆしゅつexport; exportation
かりしゅつごくparole, release on bail
けっしゅつexcel, foremost
でばknife, pointed carver
簿しゅっきんぼemployee''s attendance record
しゅつじょう(stage) appearance, participation, performance
しゅっぽんflight, elopement, running away, absconding
くすでつくすto be all out, to exhaust
しゅってんexhibit, display
しゅっぱんsailing, departure
しゅっせきしゃthose present, attendance
しゅっていappearance in court
しゅっていびcourt day
しゅっせいdeparture (for the front)
しゅっせいかぞくfamily of a soldier at the front
しゅっせいぐんarmy in the field
しゅっせいぐんじんsoldier at the front
しゅっかんcarrying out a coffin, funeral procession
しゅっこうdeparture, clearance (of a ship)
しゅつえんperformance, stage appearance; to act (in a play)
しゅつりょうgoing hunting
しゅつごくrelease (from prison)
でばんone''s turn
でかせぎworking away from home
でまどbay window
すいとうreceipts and expenditure (disbursements)
しゅっかshipping, outgoing freight, forwarding
しゅつらんpupil excelling his master
しゅっけつbleeding, haemorrhage, hemorrhage
しゅっしinvestment, contribution, financing
しゅっちょうexcess of exports, favorable balance of trade, favourable balance of trade
であしstart, turnout; constant forward movement (sumo)
しゅっしんperson''s origin (town, city, country, etc.); institution from which one graduated; director in charge of employee relations
しゅっしんしゃalumnus (alumnae), graduate, old boy (girl); former member of an organization; former inhabitant (country, region, etc.)
でむかえmeeting, reception
えるでむかえるto meet, to greet
れるでおくれるto get a late start
しゅつじんdeparture for the front
しゅつばgoing on horseback; going in person; running for election
り出すわりだすto calculate, to compute, to infer
そうしゅつcreation (e.g. work of art)
き出すはきだすto vomit, to spit out
び出しよびだしcall; sumo usher who calls the names of wrestlers, sweeps the ring, etc.
き出すふきだすto spout, to spurt, to gush out, to burst into laughter
ふんしゅつspewing, gushing, spouting, eruption, effusion
ていしゅつto present, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in, to file, to turn in; presentation, submission, filing
ちゃくしゅつlegitimate birth
ちゃくしゅつしlegitimate child
け出とどけでreport, notification
け出るとどけでるto report, to notify
しょうしゅつtaking excerpts, extraction
け出すぬけだすto slip out, to sneak away, to excel; to break (out of a loop)
し出しおしだしpushing something out, presence; appearance; run walked in (baseball); pushing one''s opponent out by pressing one''s hands up against them (sumo)
ちゅうしゅつextraction, abstraction; selection (from a group), sampling, eduction
きょしゅつdonation, contribution
はいしゅつevacuation, emission (e.g. of CO2, etc.), ejection
り出しほりだしもの(lucky) find, bargain, good buy, treasure trove
き出すえがきだすto delineate, to draw, to express, to imagine
はんしゅつcarry out
てきしゅつpicking out, exposing, taking out, -ectomy (suf) (surgical removal)
きゅうしゅつrescue, extricate, reclaim, deliverance
出しこんぶだしsoup stock made from konbu
し出すうつしだすto project, to reflect
さいしゅつannual expenditure
き出すわきだすto gush out
りゅうしゅつdischarge, outward flow, efflux, effluence; leak of (private) information or pictures
き出すわきだすto gush out
き出るわきでるto gush forth
ゆうしゅつ, ようしゅつgushing out, welling up, springing up
ろうしゅつleak out
えんしゅつproduction (e.g. play), direction
き出したきだしemergency rice feeding
し出もうしで, もうしいでproposal, request, claim, report, notice
とっしゅつprojection, protrusion
出しかまだしremoving pots from kiln
り出し梯くりだしはしご, くりだしばしごextension ladder, aerial ladder
り出すくりだすto draw (a thread), to let out (e.g. a rope); to sally forth; to send out, to dispatch; to lunge, to unleash
のうしゅっけつcerebral hemorrhage, cerebral haemorrhage
ふなでsetting sail, putting out to sea
え出るもえでるto sprout, to bud
の出ふじわらしのしゅつof Fujiwara descent
し出しかしだしlending, loaning
かしだしようcirculation or lending (e.g. library books)
はいしゅつturning out in great numbers
ゆしゅつにゅうexport and import
げ出すにげだすto run away, to escape from
しんしゅつadvance, step forward
し出すかもしだすto engender, to bring about
き出しかくしひきだしsecret withdrawal
び出しとびだしsomething that leaps or thrusts out
び出すとびだすto jump out, to rush out, to fly out; to appear (suddenly); to protrude, to project; to butt in
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