meaning'whole, entire, all, complete, fulfill'
 kunyomiまった.く, すべ.て
ぜんたいのwhole; entire; general
全てすべてall, the whole, entirely, in general, wholly
ぜんall, whole, entire, complete, overall, pan
ぜんたいwhole, entirety, whatever (is the matter)
全くまったくreally, truly, entirely, completely
ぜんりょくall one's power, whole energy
ぜんいんall (the) members, the entire staff, all hands
ぜんこくcountry-wide, nation-wide, whole country
ぜんぜんwholly, entirely, completely
ぜんぱん(the) whole, universal, wholly, general
ぜんしんthe whole body, full-length (portrait)
ぜんしゅうcomplete works
ばんぜんperfection, flawlessness
ふかんぜんimperfect, incomplete, faulty, defective
ほぜんpreservation, integrity, conservation, maintenance
けんぜんhealth, soundness, wholesome
全てにすべてにおいてまさるto excel in every respect
ぜんしょうcomplete victory, winning the sumo tournament with no losses
ぜんこくつつうらうらall over the country
ぜんこくつつうらうらall over the country
ぜんどthe whole nation (land, country)
ぜんいきthe whole area
ぜんようfull portrait, whole aspect, full story
ぜんぷくoverall width, wing span, all, every, utmost
ぜんぱいtotal abolition
ぜんじつall days
ぜんしょうがいone's whole life
ぜんゆcomplete healing
ぜんせいheight of prosperity
ぜんもうtotal blindness
ぜんべいall-America, pan-American
ぜんらたいstark naked body
ぜんめんwhole surface, entire
ぜんめんてきall-out, general, over-all, complete, extensive, full-scale
ぜんがくtotal, full amount, sum
あんぜんほしょうsecurity guarantee (e.g. military security, network security, etc.)
かんぜんperfection, completeness
かんぜんこようfull employment
しんふぜんheart failure
せんぱくあんぜんほうShip Safety Law (1933)
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