meaning "before, ahead, previous"
onyomi セン
kunyomi さき, ま.ず
さき、せんahead, before, in future
先ほどさきほどa little while ago
お先におさきにしつれいしますpardon me (for leaving)
先ずまずfirst (of all), to start with, about, almost
せんじつthe other day, a few days ago (n-adv,n-t)
せんげつlast month
先々せんせんげつmonth before last (n-t)
そっせんtaking the initiative
せんせいa teacher
っ先まっさきthe head, the foremost, beginning (n)
せんぞancestor (n)
そせんancestor (n)
さきほどsome time ago (n-adv,n-t)
せんたんpointed end, tip, fine point (n)
そっせんすいはんset an example worth following
せんぱいsenior (at work or school), superior, elder (n)
せんしゅうlast week
せんとうhead, lead, vanguard, first (n)
いっすんさきan inch ahead, the immediate future
ゆうせんpreference, priority, precedence
先にさきにbefore, earlier than, ahead, beyond, away, previously, recently
せんじゅうprevious priest or resident
せんれいにならうto follow precedent
せんてつancient wise men
せんさいformer wife, late wife
せんどうguidance, leadership
せんぱつforerunner, advance party, going on ahead; being in a (team sports) match or game from the start, starting
せんしんpre-Qin period (of Chinese history)
せんぱんsome time ago, the other day
せんこうpreceding, going first, leading, going ahead, taking priority
せんしんseniority, advance, leadership
せんしんこくadvanced (developed) country, advanced nations
せんけんsending ahead
せんえいradical, acute, sharp
せんくforerunner, pioneer, precursor; herald; outrider, pilot car
さきがけcharging ahead of others, the first to charge, pioneer, forerunner, harbinger
けるさきがけるto be the first
はさきedge of blade
ぎ先とつぎさきfamily a woman has married into
そっせんtaking the initiative
にわさきin the garden
たびさきdestination, goal
さいせんたんleading edge, forefront; ultra-fine
げんかんさきentrance, front door
ほこさきpoint of spear; aim of attack, force of argument
やさきarrowhead, brunt, target
そせんすうはいancestor worship
ほさきear (e.g. of wheat); tip (e.g. of brush or spear)
えりさきcollar points
のきさきedge of the eaves, house frontage
はなさきtip of nose
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