meaning "origin"
onyomi ゲン, ガン
kunyomi もと
もとorigin, originally; ex-
元々もともとfrom the outset, all along, by nature
もとでcapital, funds, assets
がんじつNew Year\''s Day
がんたんNew Year\''s Day
げんきhappy, healthy, jolly, cheerful
のなげんきのないdepressed; low-spirited; cheerless
がんそfounder; originator, forerunner
元にあしもとにat one''s feet
げんしゅhead of state
もとしゅしょうthe former Prime Minister
元のもとのもくあみending up right back where one started
元をもとをただすto go to the bottom of an affair, to inquire into the origin
げんこうGenkou era (1321.2.23-1324.12.9)
がんきょう, げんきょうringleader, main culprit; main cause, source
げんすい(field) marshal, (fleet) admiral, general of the army
げんすいふSupreme Military Council (1898-1945)
がんねんfirst year (of a specific reign)
もとせんstopcock (gas, water)
げんきおうせいbrimming with vitality, full of vigor, full of life
げんろくGenroku era (1688.9.30-1704.3.13)
じもとhome area, home town; local
だいげんすいcommander-in-chief, generalissimo
だいげんすいみょうおうAtavaka, generalissimo of the Vidya-rajas
ふくげんrestoration (to original state), reconstruction
しょうわげんろくthe flourishing mid-Showa period (1960s and early 1970s) of peace, rapid economic growth, and life of ease
じげんdimension; perspective, point of reference, level (of something)
きげんera; AD (Christian era)
きげんぜんpre-era, BC, BCE
みみもとclose to the ear
むなもとbreast, pit of stomach
えりもとfront of neck, collar
あしもと, そっかat one''s feet, underfoot; gait, pace, step; you, thou
みもとperson''s identity, ID, past, background
かんげんresolution, reduction, return to origins
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