meaning "discipline, conduct oneself well, study, master"
onyomi シュウ, シュ
kunyomi おさ.める, おさ.まる
けんしゅうtraining (n,vs)
しゅうりょうcompletion (of a course)
しゅうしかていmaster''s course
しゅうがくりょこうexcursion, field trip
しゅうふくrepair, mending
しゅうせいamendment, correction, revision, modification, alteration, retouching, update, fix
しゅうり, しゅり, すりrepairing, mending, servicing
しゅうれんculture, training, drill, practice, practise
しゅうぜんrepair, mending
しゅうぜんこうrepair man
しゅうぜんこうじょうrepair shop
しゅうぜんひrepair expense
しゅらfighting, scene of carnage
しゅらば, しゅらじょうfighting scene, scene of carnage (bloodshed); location of the fight between Asura and Sakra devanam Indra
しゅうていcorrection, revision
しゅうどうせいがんvows of religious orders
しゅうれんculture, training, drill, practice, practise
せんしゅうspecialization, specialisation
りしゅうtaking a class, studying a subject, completing a course
かいしゅうrepair, improvement
かんしゅう(editorial) supervision, general editorship
ほしゅうmaintenance, mending, repair
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