meaning "make, production"
onyomi サク, サ
kunyomi つく.る, つく.り, -づく.り
つく・るmake, work, produce
作るつくるto make, to create (u-v)
けっさくmasterpiece, best work, boner, blunder (adj-na)
せいさくwork (film, book) (n,vs)
そうさくproduction, literary creation, work (n)
めいさくmasterpiece (n)
さくひんa piece of work
さっかauthor, writer, novelist, artist (n)
さくせいframe, draw up, make, producing (n,vs)
作りのてづくりのhandmade, homemade
そうさoperation, management, processing (n,vs)
しんさくa new production, a new work
さっきょくcomposition, setting (of music) (n,vs)
さぎょうwork, operation, manufacturing, fatigue duty (n)
さほうmanners, etiquette, form
さくもつproduce (e.g. agricultural), crops (n)
さくしゃan author, a writer, an artist
さくせいmanufacture (n,vs)
せいさくmanufacture, production (n,vs)
作る/つくるto make, to create (v5r)
ふきゅうのめいさくimmortal work
作りつくりmaking, producing, manufacturing, building, construction, make, structure; appearance (i.e. attire, make-up); build (i.e. physique); sashimi; forced (smile, etc.)
作りつくりまゆpainted eyebrows
さくせんtactics, strategy; military or naval operations
さくがらcrop conditions; quality (of art)
さっきょうしすうrice-crop index
さくいartificiality; act, commission (of a crime)
さくしゃみしょうanonymous, author unknown
さくし(writing) song lyrics
かさくgood piece of work; honourable mention (honorable)
きょうさくbad harvest, poor crop
ふくさようreaction, secondary effect, side effect
げきさくplay writing
かさくlow production
こうさくwork, construction, handicraft, maneuvering, manoeuvering
こうさくきかいmachine tools
むさくいat random, unintentional
畑作はたさくdry field farming, dry field crop
しゅうさくsplendid (excellent) work
いなさくrice crop
こうさくcultivation, farming
ちょさくwriting, book
しさくtrial manufacture, experiment, test piece, prototype
ほうさくabundant harvest, bumper crop
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