meaning "becoming, resemble, counterfeit, imitate, suitable"
kunyomi に.る, ひ.る
似てるにてるsimilar; resembling
似るにるto resemble, to be similar (ru-v)
にあうto suit, to match well, to be suitable
まねmimicry, imitation, behavior, pretense (n)
似るまねるto mimic, to imitate (v1)
似せるにせるto copy, to imitate, to counterfeit, to forge
にあいwell-matched, becoming, suitable
わしいにあわしいwell-matched, suitable, becoming
にかようto resemble closely
にがおportrait, likeness
ぎじsuspected, pseudo, sham, quasi, false, mock
こくじresemblance, resemble
るいじresemblance, similarity, analogous, quasi; to resemble, to be similar, to be alike
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