meaning "meeting, meet"
onyomi カイ, エ
kunyomi あ.う, あ.わせる, あつ.まる
あ・うto meet, society
会うあうto meet, to see (u-v)
~会~かい~ meeting
会いであいmeeting, rendezvous, encounter (n)
会うであうto meet by chance, to come across
きょうかいa church
しかいchairmanship (n,vs)
かいごうmeeting, assembly (n)
かいいんa member, a membership
こっかいNational Diet, parliament, congress (n)
こうかいどうa public [town] hall
かいじょうa meeting place, an assembly hall
きょうかいchurch (n)
きかいchance (opportunity)
かいしゃa company
かいしゃいんa company employee
てんらんかいexhibition (n)
かいけいa bill, a check, accounting, accounts
かいぎしつmeeting room
こっかいぎいんa member of the Diet
こっかいぎじどうthe (Japanese) National Diet
かいぎmeeting, conference (n)
ぎかいDiet, congress, parliament (n)
とかいa city, a town, a metropolis
会するへいかいするto close a meeting
へいかいclosure (n,vs)
会するかいかいするto open a meeting
かいかいしきopening ceremony
かいかいopening of a meeting (n)
かいしゃにんげんemployee (corporate)
しゅうかいa meeting, a gathering, an assembly
かいかんa hall, an assembly hall
いっぱんかいけいgeneral accounting and finance
ちゅうおういいんかいcentral committee
いどばたかいぎcontent-free chat, idle gossip
簿かいいんめいぼmembership list
かいどうchurch, chapel, synagogue, tabernacle
かいきsession (of a legislature)
あいづぬりAizu lacquer ware
かいしゃこうせいほうCorporate Rehabilitation Law
かいけんinterview, audience
かいだんconversation, conference, discussion, interview
かいひmembership fee
えしゃくnod, salutation, greeting, recognition, bow
かいちょうpresident (of a society), chairman
かいとうsociety president
しんぱんがいしゃcredit company
こうあんいいんかいpublic safety commission
こうちょうかいpublic hearing
きょうさんとうちゅうおういいんかいCentral Committee of the Communist Party
えんたくかいぎround-table conference
ぶんかかいsubcommittee meeting, subworking group
そうかがっかいSoka Gakkai (lay organization, based on Nichiren Buddhism) (organisation), lit: Value-Creation Society
いしかいmedical association
はくらんかいfair, exhibition, exposition
とりしまりやくかいboard of directors; board of directors'' meeting
くかいgathering of haiku poets
しかいしゃchairman, moderator, toastmaster, master of ceremonies, chairperson
どうそうかいgraduate''s association, alumni meeting, class reunion
しょうこうかいぎしょChamber of Commerce and Industry
こくさいむせんつうしんしもんいいんかいComite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications, CCIR
こくさいでんしんでんわしもんいいんかいInternational Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee, CCITT
ちいきしゃかいregional community
いいんかいcommittee, commission, board, panel, committee meeting
会にいいんかいにはかるto submit (a plan) to a committee for deliberation
こうちかいKouchikai (political faction of the LDP)
えんかいparty, banquet
ようしゃえしゃくpardon, forgiveness, mercy, making allowances
がくゆうかいmountaineering club
り会うめぐりあうto meet fortuitously (poet), to meet by chance, to happen across
かんじかいboard of governors
ざだんかいsymposium, round-table discussion
こうさいかいbenefit association
ぼうねんかいyear-end party
ちょうばついいんかいdisciplinary committee
きょういくいいんかいBoard of Education
ほんかいぎplenary session, regular session
かぶしきがいしゃpublic company, corporation, KK, formula for an incorporated public company
しょうかいinquiry, enquiry, query, reference
ごかいじょ, ごかいしょcommercial go-playing parlour (parlor)
しゃかいじんわくspecial consideration for non-traditional (older) students
しゃかいほけんsocial insurance
しゃかいほしょうsocial security
しゃかいとうSocialist Party
しゃかいもんだいsocial problem
しゃかいふくしsocial welfare
しゃかいちつじょ(maintain, observe) social (public) order
しゃかいめんsociety or local news page
とうごうばくりょうかいぎJoint Staff Council
そうかいgeneral meeting
そうかいやextortionist that threatens to disrupt stock-holder meetings
しんぼくかいinformal social gathering
かんぷうかいmaple-leaf viewing
しもんいいんかいadvisory committee (council, panel)
ぎいんうんえいいいんかいCommittee on Rules and Administration (Diet)
ついとうかいmemorial services
えんりょえしゃくreserve and consideration (to others)
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