meaning "rest, day off"
onyomi キュウ
kunyomi やす.む, やす.まる, やす.める
やす・むto rest, to be absent
休まるやすまるto be rested
休みひとやすみa rest (n)
休みやすみ(1) rest, recess, respite, (2) vacation, holiday
休むやすむto rest, to have a break, to take a day off
休みふゆやすみwinter holiday
休みなつやすみsummer vacation
きゅうじつa holiday
ていきゅうびa regular store holiday
休みはるやすみspring break/vacation
休みひるやすみa lunch break
きゅうようrest, break, recreation (n)
休するきゅうするto come to an end; to rest
きゅうかんsuspension of publication
きゅうていcourt recess
きゅうていびno-court day
きゅうけいrest, break, recess, intermission
きゅうけいしつbreak room, lounge (e.g. in an onsen), resting room
きゅうけいじょrest area, rest stop, service area, SA, parking area (e.g. off highways), PA
きゅうけいじかんrest time, intermission
きゅうかholiday, day off, furlough
きゅうぎょうclosed (e.g. store), business suspended, shutdown, holiday
きゅうみんidle, dormant
きゅうしょうgood omen
きゅうこうlying fallow
きゅうすいidle spindles
かききゅうかsummer vacation
れんきゅうconsecutive holidays
しゅうきゅうweekly holiday
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